Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beautiful Burp Rags

If you're a mom, you've used them.  If you're going to be a mom, you need them!  Burp rags are almost as much of a necessity as diapers.  And the best burp rags we ever used with our own children were, well, diapers.  Cloth diapers are made to be soft and absorbent, so they're fabulous for wiping chubby cheeks and all the other body parts that seem to get spewed on.

But plain old cloth diapers can be boring.  What's a trendy momma to do?  As always, we've got you covered!  Our lovely new burp rags are the answer!  They start out as pre-washed 100% cotton diapers and, after we glam 'em up with super soft fabric flowers, you've got burp rags so beautiful everyone will want to use them! 

Flower colors currently available are pastel pink, hot pink, burgundy, gray, lavender, white, brown, and navy.  Grab one for $7 or get a trio for $18.  Hoping for a color you didn't see listed?  More colors are coming soon; just let us know what you're after and we'll move that color up the list so it's ready for you right away!

PS. These are currently available as an exclusive on our Facebook page.  Please like us and message us your order there or through the Contact page on our website!

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