Thursday, February 17, 2011

Plant a Tree for FREE

Did you know that one and a half acres of rain forest are lost every second in Brazil alone?  That figure is staggering.  Please join us in supporting the Plant 10,000 Trees campaign and plant a tree in the Brazilian rain forest for FREE!

A partnership between Rain Tees and Living Green Magazine, this campaign aims to reforest over a million square feet of land in Brazil with the help of the Trees for the Future organization.  When you enter, you not only will plant a tree but you will also be entered to win one of 10 great eco gift packages!

Don't wait; the rain forest is disappearing at an alarming rate.  Live mindfully and plant your tree today!

When You Have a Crazy Week...

This week was supposed to be breezy.  This week was supposed to be easy.  Instead, it was queasy.

You know you're a parent when, instead of spending Valentine's Day with your partner, you spend it with the child that is throwing up.  It's been a week of sipping water and nibbling on dry toast here, but I finally got a chance to catch up on some emails this morning while the young prince sleeps.  The hubby and I will do something this weekend in lieu of the Valentine's Day we missed.  But, really, that's kind of how it should be.

Yes, this message is getting to you 4 days after the big LOVE Day, but lessons learned in hindsight are often clearer, right?  We shouldn't just show that deep appreciation and love for those dear to us on February 14th.  We need to show them everyday.  Any day can be Valentine's Day if you want it to be.

The more I thought of that this week (and the more I watched television shows on the environment while the young one slept curled up next to me), it made me think of the upcoming Earth Day.  Earth Day is wonderful and Earth Day is great and I'm so glad that people get out there and do good things for Mother Nature in the name of that day; but, really, Earth Day is everyday.  Everyday we can do things that show our planet that we care.  Everyday we can make choices that make our world a little bit better place to live.  Big things or little things; it doesn't matter.  Buy a hybrid car or buy an apple from a local farmer.  Either way you're making a difference. 

So, show the people you love that you love them today (and tomorrow and next week and...) and don't wait until Earth Day to show her you love her, too.  Make choices that are healthy; for you and for Mother Nature and live mindfully.

PS. Don't forget that there are special discounts waiting for your on our website during the entire month of February.  You'll have to go on a little hunt for them, but, if you follow your heart, it will lead you to savings you'll love! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Planning a Garden (plus a FREE download!)

A few years ago, in an effort to teach my kids about the joys of growing our own food, I built several raised beds to house all the yummies that were sure to come.  We lucked out that first year and got a good return (including this 65 pound pumpkin!), and we've been excited about gardening since.  The boys now eat veggies they never did before because "they taste different than the ones at the grocery store." That will sell any parent, plus I love that I spend less at the grocery store each summer!

If you garden (or even if you don't... yet), this is the time of year to start planning your garden.  If you're a seasoned gardener, you probably already know what you plan on growing but, like me, are excited to try new things.  If you're new to gardening, you may not know where to start and it may seem overwhelming.

Enter Rodale's Easy Garden Designs guide.  If you have a large space, you'll find some great ideas for how to fill it.  If all you have room for are some containers, you'll still find valuable growing information that will help you choose the perfect plants.

What's even more perfect is that you can download it here for free. Yup, FREE! A pretty awesome price for a head start to planning a garden that will help you live mindfully this year.

P.S. Rodale has lots of other fantastic books available at their online store.  Visit them at