Monday, October 3, 2011

A belly facial? What the heck is that?

We hear questions like that all the time when people hear us talking about doing a belly facial during pregnancy. You may very well be asking the same thing right now. A belly facial? Yes, a belly facial.

You know what a facial is; it's a beauty treatment for your face. It's designed to cleanse, hydrate, and, in some instances, repair your delicate skin. If you've ever gotten a facial, you also know that the benefits of a facial typically go beyond the physical. The relaxation you experience and the permission that you've given yourself to take the time to nurture and pamper yourself are far reaching.

So, just like a facial for your face, a belly facial is a beauty treatment for your blossoming belly. It's designed to address the very unique skin issues that pregnant women have during pregnancy - dry skin, itchy skin, and... the dreaded stretch marks. And, just like a facial for your face, the physical benefits are just the beginning. Taking a quiet moment to focus just on yourself can do wonders for your mental state.

But what do you need to be able to give yourself a belly facial? Glad you asked. All you need is the bellyfacial™ by em! Available in a simple standard form or as a deluxe kit, we've given you everything you need so you don't have to stand in the beauty products aisle of your local variety store wondering what to pick. You'll also have everything you need for not one but up to three applications so you'll really get your money's worth (number of applications varies depending on the size of your tummy)!

The standard bellyfacial™ is made of our specially formulated facial powder made from coconut milk, honey powder and ground oats. It helps to gently exfoliate your skin while easing that itchy skin that is so common during pregnancy. Just add water and you're ready to go! 

But, if you're a deluxe kind of girl (and we know you are), then our deluxe kit is just for you!  Not only do your get a full size jar of facial powder, you also get our exclusive facial oil.  Combine the two and the bellyfacial™ is truly born. The rich blend of five natural oils will moisturize and hydrate your skin like nothing you've ever experienced before. Applied with the included brush, this belly facial is truly a one of a kind experience.

Typically only offered in upscale spas, experience a belly facial in the luxury of your own home. A belly facial? Yes, a belly facial. A bellyfacial™ by em.

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