Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If My Baby is Only 7 Pounds, Why Did I Gain 30??

In America we women think about our weight. We think about it A LOT! It doesn't matter if you're underweight, normal weight, or overweight, either. So, for most women, the weight gain that comes with pregnancy is sometimes difficult to accept. The average "normal" weight gain during pregnancy is 27-30 pounds. Imagine any other time in your life when you would gain that much in a 9 month period and consider it normal. It's enough to make even a man shudder!

So, where does all that weight go? Here's a simple little list to explain all those pounds away.

Baby - 7 lbs
Placenta - 1–2 lbs
Amniotic Fluid - 2 lbs
Uterus - 2 lbs
Maternal Breast Tissue - 2 lbs
Maternal Blood Flow - 2-4 lbs
Fluids in Maternal Tissue - 4 lbs
Maternal Fat stores - 7 lbs

Total - 27-30
Broken down like that, the amount of weight doesn't seem so unreasonable, does it? Regular weight gain is normal during pregnancy, and it all happens for a very good reason! You don't have to be stressed by the rising number on the scale; just remember to gain mindfully!

NOTE: These numbers represent averages. Your weight gain during pregnancy is as individual as you are and can be influenced by many things, such as your pre-pregnancy weight, diet, level of exercise, and special circumstances during your pregnancy such gestational diabetes. It's important to work with your healthcare professional to ensure that you are gaining the proper amount of weight during your pregnancy.

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