Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is Living Mindfully?

For those of you that know us already, you know that em has always been about bringing your mindful products.  From the ingredients we use to our packaging to the products themselves, we've always sought to do right by Mother Nature.  As we embark on our new year with our new website and all, one of our goals is to reinforce that being mindful is so much more than just how we make our products.

As a country, even as a planet, we talk about doing the "right things" to create a cleaner, more sustainable world; but, really, what does that mean?  We all know that we should recycle.  We all know we shouldn't let the water run while brushing our teeth.  But, what else? 

Sometimes the options seem daunting.  Do I really have to keep small livestock in my backyard?  Does my next vehicle purchase have to be a hybrid?  The answer is no and no...unless, of course, that's really the right thing for you.  However, there are small things (and bigger things) that we can all do to create a more mindful existense, and that's what we hope to share with you through our blog posts here; bring you simple ways to make your corner of the world more mindful.  If we all made just one mindful change this year, imagine the snowball effect that might create!

So, tip #1...  do you have a favorite magazine that you buy at the newsstand or grocery store?  Consider subscribing to it instead.  Nearly 60% of magazines on the newsstand shelf aren't even sold and end up being discarded.  By subscribing, you can save a ton with a 1 year subscription (more if you subscribe for a longer length of time), plus you get the convenience of home delivery.  Go one step further and access your magazine from its website or through an e-reader.  Either way, you're saving time, money, energy, and fuel!
Making mindful choices doesn't have to be hard.  And, if you're stuck on how to make a change, ask us!  That's part of our goal; to help you live mindfully.

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